New super mario bros U is amazon sold out

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Oh ok.
Everybody was willing to forget about it but not me. I did some snooping around, found some chow hound had made a wax impression of the ice box key.
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Was it ever being sold to begin with?
#4Jman1236Posted 11/14/2012 12:56:06 PM
They mean they only have enough copys to cover pre-orders at this time and stopped taking pre-orders. The game will also be availble as a download at launch.
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About like Gamestop saying it's sold out.

Yet they say not available for the Persona 4 Golden Complete bundle. Because they are scalping them on Amazon. They got wise because I call there ass on bull here , so they say the WiiU is sold out there now. Yet there ass is doing the same thing with them.

Not enough games here for the system to even play that game in NA. You are going to lose like the Vita is. Most sold are used at gamestop, amazon and pawnshops due to a lack of games.
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did anybody understand that?
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gumbyxcore99 posted...
did anybody understand that?

Not even close, but it was entertaining.
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How would new super mario bros u know if Amazon is a sell out?
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every1 buying a wii-u is buyig mario same day pretty much so it will sell out fast
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When I put my preorder in on NSMBU and ZombiU yesterday at my EB Games store, the girl at the counter said they've been the most popular, so it doesnt surprise me.