What is the most underated game you have played in your life?

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3 years ago#171
Bass fishing -Dreamcast, simple fun, just wonderful
3 years ago#172
Wario Master of Disguise is a game that got, mostly, bad reviews, but I loved it.
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3 years ago#173
Gyruss for the NES.
3 years ago#174
i have no idea what constitutes underrated per se, but tales of symphonia? no? fire emblem path of radiance? radiant dawn? symph 2 dawn of the new world would probs be the one, i loved that game.
3 years ago#175
Snowboard Kids 2(SBK1 got all the praise while SBK2 got nothing Zilch even though it has more tracks, boards, and characters than the original)
Sonic Heroes(Supposedly the end of Sonic)
KIrby's Dream Land 2(Barely anyone remember this excellent title)
Some Cubix game on the PS2(can't remember the title, was not given good revs)
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3 years ago#176
Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 5 and 8
3 years ago#177
Just off the top of my head..

Alice Madness Returns
3 years ago#178
zalak321 posted...
MarioMan847 posted...
Sonic 06.

I have been meaning to try that

I wouldn't don't bother.

I know that me saying that won't change your mind about wanting to try it, so I suggest first you watch this 6, soon to be 7 when the conclusion is posted by the reviewer, part review proving it is bad on every level but music. Who knows, it may make you want to try it for yourself even more, but it is still interesting to watch first:


Anyways, TC, to answer the topic's question, I honestly don't quite know. The way my luck goes, every game I've tried ends up being one of these:

1. Overrated instead of underrated
2. as good as the reviews say
3. as bad as the reviews say

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3 years ago#179
I really hate when people don't understand the difference between underrated (received poor reviews it didn't deserve) and little known (wasn't played by many people). I hope I've educated at least 2 people.

Also, on the same note, games like COD aren't overrated, because just as many people hate them as love them.

And I guess my answer would be Metroid: Other M. Not that great, but not that terrible.
3 years ago#180
Kirby's Dream Land 3 is underrated. I used to hate it too till I got past the first world.

It gets a lot of hate for coming out after Super Star (and the N64) and having worse gameplay.
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