What is the most underated game you have played in your life?

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3 years ago#201
I think the Custom Robo series is probably the most underrated I've ever seen. I love those games to death, but we may not see another. :\
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3 years ago#202
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3 years ago#203
Wild Arms 3
Breath of Fire 5
3 years ago#204
Unbral posted...
Final Fantasy VII, Growlanser and Persona 4.

Final Fantasy 7? Hell no. GTFO
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3 years ago#205
SeeDSquallBM posted...
Breath of Fire 5

Dragon Quarter is a serious contender as well.
3 years ago#206
Gotcha Force.
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3 years ago#207
Steambot Chronicles.
3 years ago#208
"In your life" may be a bit too large a scope so I stick with the current generation games.

Velvet Assassin (Xbox360, PC), in truth this stealth game is the best game made about WWII and it's not a big-name easy-entertainment FPS.

I would say Nier also as it was murdered by the clueless critics but I know the game has a good reputation among players which it fully deserves.
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3 years ago#209
I think you guys are having problems understanding what games are underrated or overlooked. Games like Sonic Generations, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Secret of Mana, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy anything (except for XIII, some spinoffs and MMOs) have been well-received by critics and fans. Just because some people don't like them doesn't mean they're underrated. They're all universally loved games. An actual underrated game is Metroid: Other M. A game that got mixed reviews from critics and mostly negative reviews from fans, but is no where near as bad as people make it out to be. Sonic 2006 isn't underrated, the game sucks.
3 years ago#210
lt519 posted...
Super Adventure Island. Boss.

or Rock n Roll Racing, it was close.

I loved Rock n Roll Racing,,,,

but mine is Advent Rising, yeah the game had some issue's, but had a freaking sweet sound track and really tight gameplay controls
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