Is it stupid to express half of your entire opinion on a video game based on its

#1Chenmaster2Posted 11/14/2012 11:21:01 PM

I know it sounds stupid but I LUV video game music.
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#2TerotrousPosted 11/14/2012 11:35:17 PM
There are some games that are mostly worth playing for their soundtracks, but of course a fantastic game will usually be good in both areas.
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I dunno.

But Ace Attorney 2 was easily the worst game in the series, due in part to it's crap trial music (although it has some of the best recolection themes).
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No TC. Music is very important and can make or break a game.

Its a bitmore importat than graphics to me.
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#5EbonMagicianPosted 11/15/2012 12:09:40 AM
to me, If it is a new "franchise" (A game with no prequels or sequels yet) then I think it can get away with whatever music it wants to use, even if it's bad.

If the game is a sequel, or another installment in a franchise, it has a certain obligation that the music must be at least reminiscent of the previous games.

I am someone who is really heavily into soundtracks to games, shows, movies and such, so I could write a whole article about it and the methods composers use to make music from 1 piece of work all feel connected, how the music probably controls 80% of the feeling a certain "scene" or "video" is giving. but I am just too lazy right now to do so >.>;

as a side note, the lack of music is one reason I don't like reading books or comic books.
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#6jillwarrenPosted 11/15/2012 1:21:53 AM
So I'm guessing you love some Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid?
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#7NinjaGamer_23Posted 11/15/2012 1:23:26 AM
mario galaxy series had amazing soundtracks. I could listen to the music all day long.
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Depends. Do you primarily play rhythm games?

But seriously, music is a very important part of any entertainment medium. Basing half your opinion on just music alone might be a little weird though.
#10InfernislePosted 11/15/2012 1:27:11 AM
Son, a good soundtrack could make a text-based adventure with only one possible response to everything that lasts 30 seconds fun.