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User Info: nintendanXP

4 years ago#1
They called me today (like they did with everyone on the pre-order list), confirming my Deluxe Bundle will be ready at store's opening on Sunday morning at 11:00.

I got the Japanese Super Famicom wayy before the US Launch.
The N64 on launch day at wal-mart.
The Gamecube on launch day at wal-mart.
The Wii on launch day at wal-mart....

and now i have to wait until the afternoon on the 18th to play the Wii-U. All the other consoles I got early in the morning.

I know... poor me. :(

User Info: drummerockband

4 years ago#2
I haven't gotten a call from FS about my Wii U yet, but I was planning on calling them about it. Glad to hear someone else who preordered from FS is getting theirs which brings more hope for my preorder. I think it was just GS that got the shortages, so hopefully I'm fine. Sucks that they aren't doing a midnight or early opening, but oh well. Have fun with your Wii U on Sunday!
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