The gamepad is a waste of money and Wii U should be sold without one

#31Shadow_CharzardPosted 11/17/2012 5:55:06 PM
You ain't rustlin' my jimmies tonight, troll.

Just 14 more hours 'til my EB Games opens...
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aredd007 posted...
Nintendo wants to be different because they know they can't compete in sales if they don't add a gimmicky feature that is useless. NGC failed because it didn't have an online system and the games were mediocre. Wii sold although the games were crap because it was different and catered to the casuals. Nintendo is doing the same. The Wii U pad is pretty much useless. It's like a Nintendo DS hooked up to a console.

Nintendo Wii; ninety-seven million sales.
360/PS3; seventy million sales each.

I didn't know that games like Mad World and Prime 3 were for casuals...
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