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3 years ago#111
Thanks man!
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3 years ago#112
moneyhead64 posted...
Freez89 posted...
I've been messing with this thing since last night. Thankfully, I had already updated my Wii U at my parents with no problem (other than it taking forever), but I've run into problems ever since I brought it to my place. The only thing that works consistently is the internet browser but everything else (e-shop, Netflix, etc.) doesn't want to connect. I've tried the suggestion listed in this post but it hasn't helped. I'm beginning to think that the single for my landlady's wi-fi is just too weak. I might just need to buy a repeater for my apartment. Does anyone know if a repeater could help connect my Wii U?

I tried solving my wifi problem with a repeater, but unfortunately for me, the repeater consistently dropped its wifi connection and I had to repeatedly set up the repeater over and over again as if I just bought it (going through the setup wizard and choosing the wifi signal to repeat).

I gave up and just got a power line adapter. I obviously had to buy the Wii LAN adapter for the Wii U but so far it's working perfectly and I'm having no problems.

I finally got a range extender and it solved my problems. I actually wish I did this a long time ago.
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3 years ago#113
Just want to share my experience, in case it helps anyone:

I followed the directions in the first post, but still couldn't connect. I messed around with it a lot, but what eventually did connect me to the internet was changing the channel on my router. For the people who are having trouble, make sure to try that.
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3 years ago#114
Just registered to say thanks to the OP, this had been doing my nut in. You're more helpful than the Nintendo tech support anyway. Thanks! <3
3 years ago#115
Something for those out there who can connect but with EXCRUCIATINGLY slow download speeds (it took me 11 hours to download the initial update):

In your router's settings, try changing your wireless output mode from 300 or 145MBPS (etc) down to something like 54MBPS. It's technically neutering the router a bit, but it's the only way I was able to get mine to fully get along with the Wii U.
3 years ago#116
I have been unable to connect my Wii U to my college wi-fi which is an unsecure network (My PS3 and Xbox360 could connect just fine). I have followed all these steps and tried everything I could think of. I always get Error Code 1004, 1005, or 1006, and the connection test fails right away before even getting to "Network Device." Any ideas?
3 years ago#117
I do have the latest update, btw.
3 years ago#118
Ive get past the network part.Just not the internet....i hate i have to take this back due to connection issues.Cant get invested in something i cant update
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3 years ago#119
If anyone is still struggling with connecting via a Motorola SBG900 Gateway, this thread solved my problem!!!


Be sure that you follow these directions and assign the next available IP under current DHCP leases. If you try to set up one that is beyond the next sequential IP, it wont work. Good luck.
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