***Please read if you cannot connect to WiFi***

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Did not know the WiiU had an issue with DHCP. This is very helpful for some people I am sure. Good post.
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Slayer7861 posted...
This is too confusing. Why cant it be simple like ps3/360/ps4/x1?

Because Nintendo sucks at internet
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This solved my problem bit I agree with a lot of posters. I don't want to have to crank up my steam powered laptop to own the command prompt and then enter everything manually just to connect to my wifi!

ah well. Waiting for the update now. 45%after about 30 minutes. Is this normal?

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I got it
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My college has an 802.1x security configuration which the Wii U supposedly supports. Any ideas how to connect my Wii U to 802.1x? Alternatively, my college also has a VPN-only wi-fi network... would that work better?
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I did everything the original post told me to do and I still can't connect to wi-fi. I just did a speed test and these are the results.

Ping: 96 ms; download speed: 0.73 Mbps; upload speed: 0.49 Mbps; grade: F, slower than 91% of America. I have CenturyLink.

So I'll still have problems if I have a connection like this?
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After following the steps on the first page several times, it still refuses to work for me. Which I find odd since I have no problems connecting to wifi with the 3DS. Is there a port somewhere on the WiiU to plug in that yellow cable thing you use to connect online with the 360 and PS3? Wouldn't a wired connection just automatically work without a fuss? Where can I plug that yellow cable thing in at?