***Please read if you cannot connect to WiFi***

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User Info: Pinefruit

2 years ago#171
So I tried setting this stupid thing up for an hour, all of google was just a copypasta of what OP had. Wasn't working for me.

Enabled DMZ for it and now I can "connect" but can't do anything online. Tried updating but all I managed to get was one megabytes worth of data. So frustrating, everything else I own works just fine, why just this?

User Info: mooocooow02

2 years ago#172
When I go to my ipconfig, in Windows 8.1 and type in windows + R to get to the prompt, I am not given an ip address that I can input but an ipv 4 address...should I use that one?
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User Info: bvzxa2

2 years ago#173
I used my guest network using an ACL and it gave me great speeds. I was going crazy because the update was taking way too long when I first got my Wii U

User Info: Weakupedia

2 years ago#174
So I just moved into my school's grad housing. There's wifi here, and also an ethernet port, but I can't connect my Wii U to the internet either way. I'm assuming it's because the system doesn't play nice with DHCP, but there's really nothing I can do. I can get the internet connection test to 'connect' to the internet, but when i try to download the system update, the system freezes and the sound stops. Before the update hit, I could never connect to the internet at all, so it's not my system being defective.

I also tried a wired connection, but it's the same exact thing--except I can't even get the system update to start.

Is there anything I can do to get this thing online? Why does Nintendo hate the modern world?
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User Info: pinhead2775

2 years ago#175
I think Nintendo stopped Wii U's online ages ago about three in a half months ago.
But yeah I still say PS3 is one of the most fun systems out there. And updates for your Wii U needs a quite okay connection I suppose.

User Info: Kjay14

2 years ago#176
I've tried all that was listed in this topic, but i still cannot connect. Help?
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User Info: Sega9599

2 years ago#178
Godotto posted...
After following the steps on the first page several times, it still refuses to work for me. Which I find odd since I have no problems connecting to wifi with the 3DS. Is there a port somewhere on the WiiU to plug in that yellow cable thing you use to connect online with the 360 and PS3? Wouldn't a wired connection just automatically work without a fuss? Where can I plug that yellow cable thing in at?

Get a Lan Adapter for the Wii, it works on the Wii U
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User Info: yummychop

2 years ago#179
hopefully this helps someone:

under wireless settings have the channel id set to 'auto'.

User Info: GeminiDeus

2 years ago#180
Does the information in the original post still hold true after 2 years? I've been having connection issues ever since yesterday and can't play Smash Bros online.
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