resellers getting owned on ebay

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3 years ago#111
Is that a serious question? Google's free, and I hear they make a little bit of money.
3 years ago#112
A_Man3383358553 posted...
Wait, eBay and Paypal charge fees? I have a friend that used to make a living off selling stuff on ebay. Granted this was back in circa 2004, but I was under the impression the service was free for both parties.

LOL... You can make a Living off of Ebay if you get the stuff that you are selling really cheap...

For auction style sales, they charge 9% up to $250 (Around $2,800 final price)

Then their sister site charges 3% to 4% for the money transfer...
"Be Reasonable, Demand the Impossible"
3 years ago#113
Google makes their money from Advertisements...
"Be Reasonable, Demand the Impossible"
3 years ago#114
You can watch the Superbowl for free, but someone is making a ton of money off of it..

And they make it from the advertisers.... ;)
"Be Reasonable, Demand the Impossible"
3 years ago#115
Right so I assumed ebay made money from advertisers also.
In any case thanks for the answers.
3 years ago#116
LuigisBro posted...
kidwgm posted...
Why you mad? I don't understand the hate for people wanting to make a few bucks.

the point is there's easier ways to make a few bucks

So what? A buck is a buck.
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3 years ago#117
The fact that people are going to ebay just proves that WiiU is selling out in stores. Enough stores to start the market rolling on the web.

Christmas, the cost will go way up.

Seriously, preaching that the launch was silent (which it was) and the WiiU is selling out means it will take till after black friday, then the ebay prices start going up and up.
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