How will they compete with Sony and Microsoft?

#21ymmac1707Posted 11/18/2012 1:54:16 PM
The Wii U will do just fine, never underestimate Nintendo, they know their target audience. A high end Radeon GPU is not needed to sell millions and millions of super Smash Bros, Zelda,Pokemon and Mario games. Yes, Sony and MS will have better tech, but it will come at a price. Sony and to a lesser extent Microsoft, lacks killer IPs. No matter the tech any console selling at $450.00 or above in today market along with $70.00 games is a risky business decision. The Sony Vita killer tech high price, weak IPs, The difference between selling 2 million units and 20 millions unit, is system selling IPs and an affordable price. Sony and MS made great systems, but they owe a special thanks to IPs form Rockstar North, Infinity War/Treyarch and Bethesda.