Destructoid gives Tank! Tank! Tank! a 4.5 :(

#1raimi_acePosted 11/18/2012 2:36:26 PM

How incredibly disappointing, I was really hoping this would be a fun game.
#2stekim40Posted 11/18/2012 2:37:52 PM
Thats a shame but tbh it looked a little shallow anyway.

It'll take time to get 'decent' games that aren't shovelware or ports. :/
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#3DTY3Posted 11/18/2012 2:38:00 PM
It looks fun for eshop.

Too bad its not eshop. I wouldn't call it a bad game though.
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#4Nice_Kirbyfan9Posted 11/18/2012 2:38:30 PM
Another terrible game.
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#5The_DjokerPosted 11/18/2012 2:38:34 PM
really? game looks terrible. Typical launch title.
#6ElectricMolePosted 11/18/2012 2:39:25 PM
We saw it was a bargain bin game long before the reviews. The preview screens were telling and no online mode.
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#7raimi_ace(Topic Creator)Posted 11/18/2012 2:40:49 PM(edited)
I don't know, I thought the premise looked kind of fun. Post people's faces on monsters and tanks and shoot the hell out of it.
#8DTY3Posted 11/18/2012 2:48:19 PM
The_Djoker posted...
really? game looks terrible. Typical launch title.

Its an arcade style game.
GameFAQS users are far too sensitive.
#9Jackie_GleasonPosted 11/18/2012 2:53:33 PM(edited)
I'm not surprised at all, always looked like the weakest of the launch titles.

I'm sure some will find it fun, but at full retail price? Looks like a downloadable in the $ 6-10 range IMO.

Smells like they went for a quick launch cash-in with this one.
#10darkayanamiPosted 11/18/2012 3:04:13 PM
Wow, the reviewer really tore it apart. he called the game disrespectful of the players time. Lol who says that?