ZombiU Receives a 7, 8, another 8, 8.4, 8.8, 9, 9.2, and a 9.7

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cavebear56 posted...
As expected I, and those of us with half a brain, knew it would be a solid game.

Nothing groundbreaking but performing as expected, the poor trolls and haters proved wrong...once again.

Don't worry guys you'll be right one of these days.

God I hope! If they ever are right (god forbid) we'll never hear the end of it...EVER!
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Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
lol at fanboys leaving out the worst reviews.

Lol at haters leaving out the good reviews.
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BonezWell posted...
Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
lol at fanboys leaving out the worst reviews.


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Zombi U is awesome, Wii U is awesome, trolls are not. Just ignore them.
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If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.
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Never seen a topic title wih so many numbers, lol.
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Go to metacritic and look up the Vita COD review. Those are the saddest fanboys and trolls. LOL.
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Edge [7]
"ZombiU is a smart and engaging exploration of what Nintendoís strange new machine can muster. "

Destructoid [8]
"Impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash. "

Polygon [8]
"ZombiU won't be for everyone. It's difficult. It's dark. It deftly juggles genre conventions to do the unexpected. And it's exactly the kind of title that gamers have come to expect from new console launches, the kind of game that makes new console launches exciting. ZombiU feels developed outside of blockbuster considerations, but it isn't a cheap, throwaway game. And more importantly, it shows that third parties can make good, unique games on Nintendo's new hardware. "

CVG [8.4]
"An imaginative take on the tired zombie genre, with some genuinely clever ideas and a grimly realistic setting. "

VentureBeat [8.8]
"Its genre and difficulty curve might narrow the appeal down to horror aficionados and survivalists, but in all other ways, ZombiU stands out as one of the Wii Uís must-own launch titles. "

Eurogamer [9]
"ZombiU isn't the obligatory FPS launch title, but an original twist on the genre that has no console equivalent. "

ONM [9.2]

Games Master [9.7]

Vandal [8.3]
"One of the recommended titles launching Wii U and one of the few games in recent years that will get you nervous. "

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El_Zaggy posted...
Element_Pearl posted...
Gamespot also gave Monster Hunter a 4.2 on PS2 when it initially released. You know, that game that went on to sell millions and single handedly keep the PSP alive for Sony.

But monster hunter was not good, is not good and will never be good.

that pretty much shows that lots of consumers have bad taste/low standart

just because you can't play difficult games that require skill doesn't many anything.
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