Initial impressions of AC3 on Wii U

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i have a sealed copy of the ps3 version (sadly stamped not for resale. how can i snake an exchange for the wii u version?

This version seems better to me, at least. It looks spectacular on the gamepad screen.

I might have to have a look into that then. I'm more likely to get it on the PC, but I hear the Assassin's Creed games haven't always been moved across to the PC well.

I got it on the Xbox, and I thought the game looked and ran atrociously, to be honest. Pop in was bad, the framerate was bad and more. If it's any better on the Wii U, I might consider nabbing a copy.

All my AC titles are on PC and they're fine. The first AC was ported poorly, but AC2, Brohood and Revelations are excellent on PC.

That's good to hear, then. I was on the forum for III a week or so ago, and people kept going on they were horrible ports, and had plenty of issues. Hopefully the third will be fine on the PC, then.

It's annoying though, because it was available to pre-purchase on the U.K Steam a couple of weeks ago. A couple days later, I got a refund for 007 Legends, went to pre-purchase, gone. Hasn't been back on since.
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You can use the gamepad to plug in headphones even when playing on the TV!

Hell yes
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It bumps the FPS at least up into the 40's when you play on the GamePad. AC has never run this smoothly. Very nice.

I hope more developers kick up the FPS or graphics when the game's played on the GamePad, since it's only 480p

But it looks like compressed video. Not comparable to using the TV at all. You lose a noticeable amount of detail (still the most powerful handheld by far though). Maybe AC3 is different from BO2 (what I'm currently testing the system with, already bought AC3 on my PS3 for the bonus missions). It's of good quality but you can tell that it's a compressed video stream.

Another note, the analogue sticks are not the best I've used. Doesn't feel as responsive as my PS3 and 360 controllers. Maybe the GamePad sticks need to be broken in, not sure.

Ironically the compression actually makes the game look much less aliased.

Of course. It's SD and compressed pretty heavily, aliasing along with much of the nuances in the details gets smudged away. Still pretty good though, but still best to play your games on the TV.
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I can't believe people complained about this game's opening expose. I honestly think it's one of the best parts of the game. Kenway is the coolest guy since cool existed.
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I can't believe people complained about this game's opening expose. I honestly think it's one of the best parts of the game. Kenway is the coolest guy since cool existed.

I have more problems with them breaking the controls in the game more than anything. Your character sticks to things far too willingly.
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From: The_Djoker | #003
with almost 3x more RAM I would expect better FPS.

Too many naive people on this board who think more=better and have no grasp on how hardware works.
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