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Wii U Bricked

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4 years ago#1
Are all of these Brick threads true? - Results (614 votes)
51.3% (315 votes)
7.49% (46 votes)
It's just the trolls.
13.68% (84 votes)
How would I know?
17.59% (108 votes)
My Wii U is Bricked.
4.72% (29 votes)
Who cares?
5.21% (32 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Are all of these brick threads true? Is this a serious issue?
4 years ago#2
Yeah they probably are true
4 years ago#3
The issue is, there's a very LARGE system update that you have to go through (I think I read something like 5 gigs?). If you turn your system off during this mandatory update, like any mandatory update, your system bricks.
4 years ago#4
kotaku posted about it I think.
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4 years ago#5
Honestly, it seems like it's just impatient people who are stupid enough to turn off their console during a 5 GB download.
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4 years ago#6
Why wouldn't it be true? 5GB of update? you serious? that's pretty huge and you have higher chance of bricking
4 years ago#7
Hopefully they decrease the update times.
4 years ago#8
Mine is bricked. Power outage while downloading the system update. Yes, the downloading part. Some people are saying that it installs while downloading... in any case, it's a brick.

I don't blame Nintendo for a power outage, BUT... if they had shipped with the system up to date in the first place I'd be playing right now.
4 years ago#9
There's no way to know, but at the same time it probably isn't as bad as what you think. Why do I think that? Well, we're getting a disproportionately negative reaction simply because the vast majority of people whose consoles haven't bricked aren't coming here to say "Don't worry, I'm good".

Is it something to be concerned about? Well, if you think a power outage has a reasonable chance of happening, then yea. But chances are you'll be fine.
4 years ago#10
I want to say some might be true while others might not be.
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