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I would be perfectly content with a console that is as affordable as the Wii U is, and has current graphics, for another console generation. I truthfully believe we have yet to perfect and harness the power in our current consoles. That fact alone I think will give Nintendo an edge in the next gen.

I love my ps3, and I would like to get a ps4 eventually when they are out, but I will definitely not spend $600 or more for one. I don't understand all of the trolling and nay saying today. The Wii U looks great to me, and I really look forward to getting one eventually. Just look at Tank Tank Tank, Amazing 101, Zelda in High Def!, and all of other neat games coming. I think Nintendo took a great step in the right direction with the Wii U, and I am so excited to get one eventually.

I have no doubt, with some effort, the Wii U is more then capable of visuals as good as, if not better than my favourite PS3 game, Uncharted. No doubt at all.

If the console is slightly better, or as good as the Xbox and the PS3, we should expect over time games that aren't ported, but created specifically for the Wii U, to look pretty good.

Here's hoping we get some great RPGs for the system. Especially cel-shaded. I swear cel-shaded games always look incredible.

That does sound awesome. It would be cool to see some turn based, throw back type rpg's developed for the system, with the battle menus and item management screens, etc., solely on the gamepad. Some neat stuff can definitely be done with this system.

Exactly. I mean we're looking at this console thinking oh yeah, we'll get first person shooters and open adventure games like Arkham City and Darksiders II, then people are going over the top because they aren't being ported over as well as they had hoped.

Not even taking into consideration that Nintendo didn't just lose the developers who created RPGs on the Wii. I'm sure we'll see a Dragon Quest beyond X, hopefully and I'm sure those other developers aren't going to say **** it. I'm looking forward to some decent HD RPGs, if they get made. Something the PS3 and Xbox have lacked for many years.

Still I can't wait for Ni No Kuni on the PS3 next year though.
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