Wii game save transfer without wii u transfer and virtual console answers

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4 years ago#1
If you want to buy any virtual console games from nintendo you will have to go into the wii mode from the main wii u menu. The eShop on the wii u menu only offers wii u games and does not currently offer wii virtual console games.

You can only use the wii remote and wii pro controller to play virtual console games. The wii u pad and wii u pro controller can not be used in the wii mode.

You can transfer your wii game saves(ie twilight princess or mario galaxy) to your wii u without having to use the transfer tool which will move your virtual console/wiiware games in wii mode by:

1: Going to the wii system(not your wii u in wii mode. Your separate wii system).

2: Clicking on the game save you'd like to transfer then clicking copy (this keeps the save on your wii and makes a copy onto the sd card) or clicking move(this will take the save completely off of your wii and put it on your sd card).

3: Take your sd card out of your wii and put it in your wii u while it is in wii mode then clicking on wii button in.

(Some games require a game to be played and saved from inside the game before you can move save game data to the console. If that is the case, play the game and save the data in game. When you go back into the game save data from the main wii menu, delete the save data to the game you just created, click on the sd button at the top, click move or copy and it should appear in the wii slot)

If you use the wii u transfer tool, it will transfer EVERY virtual console game, every wii ware game and your virtual console, wiiware and wii game saves. Use the method above if you only want to transfer your wii game save data.

You can not make a back up of your virtual console on your pc or flash drive then use the transfer tool to move the games then put the back up of the games on an sd card and put them back on your wii. When you buy a game from the wii shop you are buying a license to that game. When you use the transfer tool, you are transferring your license to that game which means the license will be held by the wii u and not your wii anymore. The wii will say the game can not be played on this console even if the games appear on your wii/sd memory.

I hope this helps. It seems like these topics appear a lot
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4 years ago#2
Sticky request
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4 years ago#3
Nice topic, but not sticky nice IMO.

SD card transfer of saves leaves a lot to be desired in the case of online tied games such as Brawl. The best thing I've seen is a full wii nand backup (hacks) but even that seems to prevent you from ever using the shop channel again.
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4 years ago#4
i was trying to avoid homebrew talk. Any homebrew found on the sd card when you go from wii u mode to wii mode is marked as invalid and deleted
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4 years ago#5
This was made for general knogledge and for mom/dads seeking quick answers. Its pretty much the same as transfering wii data. there are just A LOT of repeated topics on this board and this answers the questions asked
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