"Wii U RAM 43% slower than PS3/Xbox360"

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3 years ago#11
I think some people truly get a psychological/physical hard-on for negative news about Nintendo.
3 years ago#12
dude there is two topics of the exact same thing right under this can you not check or is it your job to post old news after everyone else
3 years ago#13
DisgaeaNut posted...
Playing on a touchscreen with outdated hardware is revolutionary?

for the wii it was
3 years ago#14
Why aren't you banned yet?
Simply Abysmal
3 years ago#15
When you hit 1066, honestly, the speed doesn't have as huge of an impact as how much memory you have. I don't find that the slower RAM on the Wii U will be the bottleneck for the system. If anything, probably the CPU as well as it not supporting DX11 which becomes a problem after the next gen Sony and MS systems have been out for a year or two (due to games undoubtedly being built predominantly on UE4 at that point).
3 years ago#16
DisgaeaNut posted...
Playing on a touchscreen with outdated hardware is revolutionary?

It can be if they produce great games that work with the controller. All consoles are or will at some point be outdated but if you can make an original game that is great and uses the control in a way that makes it unique then you pretty much got something great.
"LOL fail, SMG and GTA5 aren't even from the same decade. gj." - War_Fail
3 years ago#17
I thought some of the gameplay elements I experienced on my wii-u were somewhat revolutionary as well as new and refreshing to gaming. I think that revolutionary is a bit of an overstatement but I had lots of fun with how many of the games play out on the wii-u. I don't see how hardware statistics can override how much fun I am having with my friends with the wii-u.

This is why I play many board games/ table top games like warhammer 40k, arkham horror, and d&d. You don't need better technology to have fun. And that is why I game.
Just remember love is life, and hate is living death
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3 years ago#18
My oh my, this Yoshi really is a killer. Though, TrollerYoshi would be more appropriate.

Again, we must find out how the rest of the system works before......*sigh*, why do I even bother?
3 years ago#19
DTY3 posted...
Damn TC you try too hard lol. Relax. No need to get so worked up ;)

Why didn't you say that to the nintendo fans that crapped themselves thinking they were getting a powerhouse HD console for an entire year+?
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3 years ago#20
right because power always means more sales right?.....right????

oh wait

3DS > Vita
PS2 > Xbox
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