Game Idea -- Mario Kart: rUmble

#1Simba JonesPosted 11/21/2012 12:35:24 PM
Just an idea for the eventual Wii U Mario Kart -- you can collect up to twelve items at once, shown on your GamePad in a 3x4 grid and usable with a click. Too many, right? Well, as the name indicates, this MK game would be a bit different. Instead of a normal race to do three laps before anyone else, there's unlimited laps -- the goal is to destroy all the other racers. Kinda like the destruction races in RAGE.

There could still be normal races, as well as normal Battle Mode, but the focus would be on the new "rUmble" (see what I did there?) mode.
DM: Off in the distance you hear a splash.
Player: Does it sound like a threatening splash?