Has your Wii U frozen?

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4 years ago#21
is anybody trying what i was saying before ethier stay offline or go to english only
4 years ago#22
It's quite concerning that a console that's been out less than a week has had this many people have their console freeze up on them.
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4 years ago#23
ya it does suck but some people are haveing no problem ive had one freeze total and since i switched my stuff its been freeze free 3 full days now
4 years ago#24
Yup, it's froze twice in 3 days, none today though, which was my most time played day so far.

If it was freezing for me every few hours on every game, I'd be upset. But 2 times within 3 days, and only on one game, it bothers me very little, especially knowing there's a fix coming.
4 years ago#25
Once in Nintendo Land.
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