Why the Wii U is extremely overpriced, PROOF you can build a better machine

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This topic fails, not for the anecdotal nature of your juxtaposition, but because you failed to even mention the tablet controller. You can't build your own tablet for a low price. The best you could do is convert a laptop into a tablet (e.g. a ModBook Pro), which is a pricey conversion. So while you matched specs, you failed to address the complete package of the Wii U. Look, I find the Wii U to be grossly outdated. The console is very long, underpowered and remarkably slow (the Wii U menu can take over a minute to load). The launch titles are unimpressive (subpar Nintendo fanfare and a bevy of already old ports). However, if you are going to complain about the platform, at least do so with some air of legitimacy. There are better ways to point out that the Wii U is underpowered, or some how not a great proposition for gamers. The route you took in this thread? Wasteful and short-sighted...
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Size, fit those components in the Wii U's form factor without it melting.
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Prism123 posted...
Size, fit those components in the Wii U's form factor without it melting.

And at the Wii U's Power draw.
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From: DTY3 | #032
You can do this for literally every console.

Lol TC so mad at Nintendo.

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Pulled directly from 4chan and still lacking required parts.
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Prism123 posted...
Size, fit those components in the Wii U's form factor without it melting.

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Enigma149 posted...
You forgot some components. Nothing major, really, but I always include them in my computers:

-The case
-The cooling
-The keyboard (or other input device)
-The motherboard

This. You purposely left out probably $200+ worth of components to make a (fail) point.
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Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Operating system(Even tho it should use the WII U O/S but here


$368 bucks RETAIL

Do any games actually run on linux at a Wii-U level of quality with the specs that this system has? I feel like you can't just throw in a free operating system and call it a day, since Nintendo spent time building an OS that runs its games at a certain level of quality that Linux isn't going to achieve. Don't most PC games not even run on linux? Won't you need a windows emulator or something?
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This topic is pretty much "Why pay 10 USD for a frying pan when you can get this 5 USD toaster?!".
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How much R&D, engineering, manufacturing and marketing did you include in your price TC?