I want a straight answer, is ZombiU good?

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On topic of dead space being horror, I honestly feel like Bioshock is more of a horror game than dead space. The tension and the atmosphere in that game put most anything else to shame.
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Linetrix posted...
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you dont own a wii u do you? ironic the people who praise it the most dont even own one


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I've never played it, but I say go ahead and skip it. Tons of critically acclaimed survival horror already out there. I'm sure you have the means to play them already. Silent Hill (even the HD collection is probably better than zombiu; sure, they are pretty badly ported, but they are still great experiences), Dead Spave, and if you have a ps3, RE1&2 are on there I think.
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wow how homophobic why wont you take gay answers
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What I learned today.

Mass Effect is an FPS.
Dead space 3 is Survival Horror
ZombiU is Call of Duty Zombies (somehow)
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Yes. Picture Dead Island, only not open world
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andizzle29662 posted...
I read many reviews, now I want gamers opinions. Is it a good game? Is it scary?

it's a poor man's dead island avoid, and LOL at the scary part.
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Want a good FPS? Get a game that isn't a FPS!

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Wow this was a fun thread lol
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