They should make a Zelda HD collection

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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#1
With Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. It'd be a borderline system seller.

OoT and MM are fine with 3DS ports.

Agree? Disagree? Some other response?
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User Info: RE4_Fan

4 years ago#2
Hmmm yes Twilight Princess especially looks nice in HD =D

User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#3
agree. I was thinking they could start making a lot of HD collections, since Nintendo finally went to HD. I'd like to see Mario Galaxy HD, Metroid Prime trilogy HD and of course Zelda HD.,
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User Info: MANTI5

4 years ago#4
I would love to see something like the original game done nsmb style,

User Info: TAoR

4 years ago#5
God no, get rid of Twilight Princess and add in something good
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User Info: COlimar788

4 years ago#6
I'd prefer just Majora's Mask. Done in the style from that fake trailer from a bit back.

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User Info: NinjaGamer_23

4 years ago#7
With how OOT looks on 3ds which is pretty amazing, they could easily remsastered zelda ww, tp and ss for the wii u.

User Info: Ghoul138

4 years ago#8
I'd buy it. It wouldn't be a system seller IMO, but for people that haven't played a couple (or any) of them it would be nice to play them up scaled and fixed up a bit in HD

User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#9
I agree simply because you said MM would be a good on the 3DS.

But this idea sounds awesome regardless. Take my money, Nintendo.

That said, I would hope that they would add bonus features to the game. I could see them not adding the older Zelda games as they are Virtual Console and 3DS remakes, but I still would prefer them. Link to the Past is one of my favorite games of all time.
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User Info: dolabla

4 years ago#10
I'd be down with it. Would buy them on release day.

I also want to see Resident Evil REmake in HD.
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