Issue regarding initial setup.

#1RayAllen123Posted 11/23/2012 10:20:15 AM
Well after a long nights work of retail, with the aftermath of Black Friday, I mosey to the electronics section of my work to spot a Wii-U. I was struck with joy as it was the last one we were expected to receive from Nintendo until December 16th, so I immediately purchased it.

Upon arriving at home, I begin to set the console up. I initialize the Sync between the game pad and the console, sensor bar location, time/date, language, all the bare minimum. When something flashed such as an update or sorts, my game pad and Wii-U froze.

At this point, I'd assume it was a one time occurrence. To my dismay, upon unplugging my system and game pad, and once again connecting the power, the problem was still present.

TL;DR - My Wii-U freezes at the point where I'm supposed to make my user ID or something for save data and such. Both my game pad and the console freeze as noticed from the bubbles stopping and the loud hissing it produces.

Note: The TV remote function of the game pad still works when it's "frozen".

Any suggestions will gladly help me out. I'm going to sleep now, but I'll be reading this thread, and if I don't prevail, contacting Nintendo later today. Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for any relevant suggestions.
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First, send a tip to kotaku reporting the occurrence so they can write an article about how unreliable Wii U launch systems are, then call Nintendo support.
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