UK - Anyone been charged by ShopTo yet?

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User Info: tad77

4 years ago#211
My status says completed not dispatched yet when i enter the SORM number on TNT it says it is in transit so must have been dispatched? Its 1843 now so no chance of a delivery so must be tomorrow now.
PSN: sid77

User Info: Izzywizzz

4 years ago#212
Sorry guys but Please dont take offence. I don't want to annoy you by showing off that I got the console early or anything like that but I thought this was the best place to ask as its UK user in this thread and some people have got it early.

I seem to have trouble registering my Wii U console for the club nintendo points. I had look inside the box everywhere and there isn't a code on the nintendo club leaflet. All it says on the leaflet is to go on WiiU website. also I am able to register all the games that I bough quickly enough but when I try to register zombie U which came in the Zombie U Wii U pack it says that

"This product code is expired. You can no longer register this product." Weird right?

I have linked my nintendo Club and Network ID account.

any clues?

User Info: Izzywizzz

4 years ago#213
Ignore my last question I figured it out and I feel really dumb. I wish I could delete my response now haha.

Anyhows good luck with getting your console tomorrow guys.

User Info: Funkynugget

4 years ago#214
Finally for mine felt like an adventure lol

It went from in transit to out on delivery to call. So I called tnt and they said the delivery man didn't have enough time to deliver it do it would be delivered tomorrow and I said can I not go pick it up and hey said I could so i drove to the tnt depot and got it. Success

User Info: Josserlips

4 years ago#215
My console showed about 4.30 yesterday afternoon I was working 5.30-10 updated for an hour then played a little nintendoland after updating that then bed. Been up since 7.30 with my 3 year old who can't play enough donkey kong crash course.
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