Would Nintendo be better served by going the Sega route?

#51Godly_GoofPosted 11/24/2012 5:17:32 AM
If Nintendo stopped making systems it would just be a case of PS vs Microsoft. Who can cram the bigger graphical e-peen into their system contest and just putting out the same old same basic vanilla type games. Nintendo doesn't do power they do innovative technology. Motion sensors, an online game market of old retro classics, layered 3D screens, now the Tablet.
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Pawkie07 posted...
the direction they been going it won't be long.

The direction in which they made a $15 Billion dollar profit in a single generation, several times more than any other company in the industry has ever come close to?

As was mentioned before, if anyone's dropping out it's Sony since they're in worst financial shape (four consecutive years of losses, credit rating at junk status), the issue of course being that their relative lack of first party strength would only be enough to make them a smaller third party publisher.
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I strongly believe that Nintendo should stop making consoles for televisions and focus all of their energy on handhelds.

I feel that their games aren't meant to be tethered to the television and are best suited for on the go, but every handheld version of Mario/Zelda seem like a compilation of ideas that didn't make the cut for the Wii version.
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I don't think so. Lots of their revenue comes in from people buying their inferior-level, cheap-to-produce technology to play their first-party games. If they simply did games, they would be quickly outclassed by other offerings on the other consoles they would suddenly be in direct competition with.

As it stands, Nintendo is sort of an alternate offering, which is where I asume all the Apple comparisons come from, and I don't think Nintendo has the touch anymore to produce titles that can compete with what's on the table nowadays without relying on their name alone.

[edit: This post came from a guy who bought Nintendogs + cats yesterday and is enjoying it greatly.]
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Nintendo has the problem of "damned if they do, damned if they don't." It was quite evident with the 3DS.

Without a doubt the highest selling games are always 1st party Nintendo titles. So much so, that as a third party, you don't want to compete with it. If you release a game on a Nintendo system at Launch alongside a Mario game, and people are only buying one game, 90% of buyers will be buying that Mario game. Therefore your game doesn't sell that well. However, if Nintendo doesn't release any major titles at launch, aka the 3DS, then the system doesn't sell well. Then third parties are less likely to invest in it because there is not a large user base.

Nintendo has learned this, and is trying to find a balance between the two. The 3DS was an effort to let third parties release titles first, and it didn't work. The Wii U is spreading out the First Party releases, and letting the 3rd parties jump in with ports of very recent popular games. I can almost guarantee that anyone who bought a Wii U got New Super Mario U, but very few got Assassin's Creed or Darksiders etc. But that is not Nintendo's fault, nor is it the third parties.

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people have been making these topics here since the gamecube days.
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Didn't read your post, only your title. I already know what you posted. Since Nintendo doesn't make generic, boring consoles, they are 'failing' (even though they are on top of the market) and should become third party since they make amazing first party games.

No, they shouldn't. Frankly, if it wasn't for the Wii U and Nintendo, I wouldn't bother with consoles at all, I'd just stick to PC gaming. The fact that Nintendo makes fun and interesting and innovative consoles is why I am still playing them. Their first party titles are the icing on the cake, and it is some delicious icing.
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#58MegagunstarmanPosted 11/24/2012 6:32:37 AM
Nope. Their software sells hardware so they will always have an install base to sell software to. They would also have to pay royalties if they released games on other systems and they probably wouldn't get enough extra game sales to make up for that loss.
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I honestly would like to see them just as game developers they make great games but crapy hardware ever since the n64 they have put out the worst systems. and technicaly the genisis was better than the snes.
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joeskeletor posted...
I honestly would like to see them just as game developers they make great games but crapy hardware ever since the n64 they have put out the worst systems. and technicaly the genisis was better than the snes.


The Wii was actually the first time Nintendo had the weakest system.