Wii U sells only 400000 units during Thanksgiving week? Flop?

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3DS did bad at launch. Is it a flop? Nope.
I think the same goes for the Wii U.
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From: stoney2005 | #026
there would be more sales if Nintendo supplies more for purchase

I've been to Target twice (Black Friday, and yesterday) and both times they had 3 Wii U basics and 1-2 Wii U Deluxe editions available to buy.

I thought about buying one for myself... but I honestly don't know if I'd ever use it. :(
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The price tag of PS3 was high. If it was the same as Wii U's, it would have sold much more.

If it was the same as Wii U's, Sony would be shuttered by now. You really think they'd have been able to afford a $500 per-unit loss on every console? They couldn't even afford the $200 loss per unit they already took!

But looking at it from the consumer point of view, the initial price of PS3 was insanely high, not even suitable for the most hardcore gamers.
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What's going on? How is a new Nintendo system that just came out selling this low?

Please don't tell me the Wii U will be another Vita...

Wii U is flopping, gets outsold by 360 2 to 1.
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If the Wii U is a flop, then the 360 was a catastrophe and the PS3 was the worst thing to happen to humanity.

Wii - 600,000 first week
Wii U - 400,000 first week
Xbox 360 - 326,000 first TWO weeks
PS3 - 197,000 first TWO weeks

not an accurate comparison because people actually wanted PS3 and 360 but there was not enough supply. I couldn't find a 360 for 4 MONTHS after release.

Also not accurate because we should compare two week sells to two week sells!

Nothing but net here, folks. Let's compare the two week numbers of the Wii U vs the 360/PS3 once they are out.... The Wii U will slaughter both of them. Possibly will come close to beating both of their sales combined.

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It's great you all claim to have them in stock near you, but it's been sold out everyday around me in a rather large radius. I would check online at walmart, target, best buy etc, and it would say they have it in stock. I started off rushing to the store to check on it, and when I got there, nothing. SO I started calling around, and all of them have said they are sold out. So even their respective webpages are wrong in saying they are in stock.

While I do believe some places have them in stock, there are just as many if not more, that are sold out.

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I have you tagged as "idiot" TC.

Seems about right.
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I hope this topic flops.
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aaasdjfkldsfk posted...
What's going on? How is a new Nintendo system that just came out selling this low?

Please don't tell me the Wii U will be another Vita...

rofl. wii u, hardware/spec wise is competing against ps3/360.. that is why it flop
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