Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will be Nintendo's last console. WARNING: Long topic

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If Virtual Boy ( a device that permanently damaged human eyeballs after 20 minutes or more of prolonged use) didn't sink the company, nothing will.
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400,000 units might be less than the original Wii but it's more than the 360 sold at launch(360,000).
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I think Nintendo will actually dominate the market in the next 1-2 generations.

They are the only gaming company trying to find a way to merge hardcore and casual gamers. They are the only company experimenting with peripherals and controllers that line up nicely with the current trend of central computing around a tablet/minibook. They are actively pursuing making a gaming console THE only living room, PC, and other tech device in a house that you'll need.

Now that being said, I think the Wii U will be Gamecube part 2 and Sony or MS have a lot more opportunities and resources than Nintendo to take over where Nintendo really wants to go.

Honestly, in about 2 or 3 generations I see Nintendo fighting with Apple/Google over the tech in your life and ignoring Sony/MS's cute little gaming console.
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All I got to say is 400,000.
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trenken posted...
I wouldnt be so sure of that. In the 2 years before the U came out Nintendo was in the worst financial shape in their entire history.

This is not true at all. At this point, the WII and DS had just made them a ~$15 billion profit in a single generation (three times more than Sony made from the PS1 and PS2 gens combined), bolstering their liquid assets (aka warchest) to about $10 billion.

Nintendo's systems have sold poorly several times in their history, but they've never actually been in bad financial shape.

trenken posted...
Sony and MS though make far more than just games and their wealth runs far deeper than Nintendo's ever could, so they could sustain generations of losses without even feeling it that much.

You seriously overestimate Sony's financial strength. They haven't made a profit in five years, have less liquid assets and more debt than Nintendo and just got their credit rating lowered to junk status.
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darkness1018 posted...
Considering that the system can still be found at Best Buy, Gamestop and Target when the Wii was sold out everywhere from release until after Xmas, id say yea, its not selling like they thought it would. Im in NYC and had no problem finding a WiiU in any of the stores i mentioned. I bought one from Gamestop, they had a whole display behind the counter. Bestbuy had a whole display on a shelf as did Target. My friend is a manager in Gamestop and even she said the system didnt sell as well as she thought it would. She was told to make a huge display of the system and games behind the counter to boost sales. I posted that in another thread. While i dont think this will be Nintendos last home system i do think its not going to do as well as the Wii. Most gamers have learned their lesson from buying a Wii and are not willing to take another gamble. They should have removed the "Wii" name from the system altogether and called it something else to show gamers its another system and not just a Wii rehash.

I absolutely agree with this post. This is about dead on.

I predicted the U would have issues and I'm sticking to my guns on this one.
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TC's forgetting about the rumors of Sony and Microsoft's plans for next gen consoles and DRM. Both of them are rumored to block used games and require an online connection. Microsoft's also got a patent to use the Kinect to monitor users and as a camera and monitor users as a form of DRM. If these turn out to be true, I wouldn't be surprised if people decided they had enough of that crap and buy a Wii U over a PS3 or Xbox 360.
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As someone else who has Asperger's and owns also owns a lot of consoles and handhelds (23 of them), I feel it to be disheartening to read the TC's post.

I know that people like myself and TC with Asperger's tend to have a particular special hobby or thing that they are extra passionate about and tend to know tons and tons and tons of info about, but when that hobby/thing is something like games that isn't even slightly uncommon or 'strange' I think one then has to be prepared for the idea that others may in-fact have just as good or perhaps a better idea even about that topic then you do.

So, in this case having a lot of consoles or mentioning one's disability and making it sounds like those are the credentials that makes one know more than everyone else feels low.

Now my personal opinion I feel I can be rather confident in Nintendo to continue making consoles for at least another gen, if not more. But, that's an opinion based off past results and the like that Nintendo has shown and nothing more. We will find out when we find out. Trying to predict these things is kind of pointless this early on in a new consoles life.

Though, to elaborate, I like my WiiU, but even if it turned out to be a total disaster in the end, I could see Nintendo trying at least one more console afterwards.

If the past and the Virtual-Boy flop and the low 3DS sales are any indication, they aren't ones for throwing in the towel. They'd more than likely price-drop like the did with the 3DS or try and quickly come out with something different... but again, this is just opinion and it could be just as easily completely wrong as it could be right. There are ifs and buts and waiting that has to be factored in amongst other things.

This being said, I own a Wii & a WiiU, but I also own a PS3 & 360 and get lots of use out of all of them and don't really want to see either of them go under.
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Jinzo 111887 posted...
TC's forgetting about the rumors of Sony and Microsoft's plans for next gen consoles and DRM. Both of them are rumored to block used games and require an online connection. Microsoft's also got a patent to use the Kinect to monitor users and as a camera and monitor users as a form of DRM. If these turn out to be true, I wouldn't be surprised if people decided they had enough of that crap and buy a Wii U over a PS3 or Xbox 360.


You really think MS will go to that level of invasion of privacy for DRM. (For other more sinister reasons, maybe)
1.)That's a massive amount of data they'd have to maintain in their system to be worthwhile and frankly way too expensive to maintain. If it's stored on the system, then it's easily hacked, so now they have a ton of servers just for every games "kinect" check. Servers are expensive man!
2.)Requires a peripheral that will likely have to be included rising the loss per console that MS already suffers on Xbox's increasing cost more.
3.)Will not be well received by any watchdog organisation anywhere, thereby leading to massive decreased sales.

If anything, they just copied an existing patent they already had for laptop security so some patent mill wouldn't, if the XBOX patent even exist.

Also I can see Sony/MS releasing a $10-$15 dollar emulator (although they'd have to balance for bios/setup differences) for backwards compatibility if it became a huge issue. Which they already have as most console games are designed on PC's first, then ported over. Which means they typically have an emulator already in place to test in on the workstations. (This is also one of the reasons why PC's typically get patched well ahead of the consoles with cross platform games, the other of course is distribution.)
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TC, you come strictly from the standpoint of a bias and bitter consumer with a lot of points supported literally just by "I feel".

"To little too late..." really? You're looking at this as some kind of" this company that doesn't know me at all has betrayed me! Never again even if they do right will I purchase from them!".

Games out now must mean games for the entire life of the system! No new "hardcore" games ever or even those that aren't on other systems (like Bayonetta 2...? Zombi U...? Oh wait).

Ignorance, sheer ignorance on your part. You live in a black/white world with little to no actual reasoning and logic.

28 years old? A number is meaningless (as you've proven), you grow and reach knowledge with maturity and experience. Not some number.

It sold less than the Wii did it's first week so it failed? So what systems didn't sell as much and didn't fail? As far as I can see the PS3 and 360 have done fine despite falling short of the Wii.

You got far too invested in a company and wanted it to be something it wasn't, you got hurt because your tastes changed as you grew older. It is nobody else's fault but your own that you feel a way to discriminate between games.

No, you don't know exactly what you're talking about. You just feel spiteful and victimized.

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