Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will be Nintendo's last console. WARNING: Long topic

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Shadowfxd2 posted...
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Didn't read.

Nintendo has plenty of money, so no.

This^ I just marked topic and then quoted squatch for truth.

So did Sony once upon a time
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They should give up the console market and just concentrate on portables, maybe give the portables a way to connect to TV's.
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Yeah and I'm sure the 3DS is selling like crap right now and the Vita is selling like hotcakes...
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Lelouch71 posted...
Yeah and I'm sure the 3DS is selling like crap right now and the Vita is selling like hotcakes...

The vita is such a piece of crap, I don't know why sony even tried.
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Personally, Everyone needs to shut up and stop the hating. If there was a Gamepad as cool as the Gamepad wii U on the next PS system, PS system wouldn't act like this. I think I won't be on the wii U board for a long time due to all this hate for no reasons.
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You know what I know for sure? Trolls will never give up.
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Poor sales? It's sold everywhere and you call that poor sales? TC you are way off.
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id say they have 1 more shot after this one. this system wont put them out of business, but if they dont learn from it's mistakes, theyll go under.
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If they would have named it something else, I'd bet it would have sold more. Going from Wii to Wii U, makes it sound like it's just a new bundle or something. To an average person who doesn't really know what they are buying for their family and already has a Wii, they may not even realize it is a new console. At least with name like Playstation 2 or 3, one can immediately recognize that it's new, for example.
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