Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will be Nintendo's last console. WARNING: Long topic

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TC: I heard this like 100 times after release of Wii. Nice try nonetheless.
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My point in mentioning everything above is that I know what I'm talking about.

Stopped reading there.
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? You said this will be the last console even though the 3DS is doing really well? Not to mention the profit off of the wii was fairly large. This console would have to sell less than a million units over its entire lifespan for nintendo to consider dropping home consoles, and even then it would be unlikely.
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Artillatron7 posted...
Are you a virgin?

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Brought to you by PlayStation Vita Cinema snack Fun Land - Gotta breed 'em all.
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Strongly disagree with you.
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the system has been out for barely a week.

These topics and opinions are those of children who don't know what they are talking about.
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CrimsonGear80 posted...
the system has been out for barely a week.

These topics and opinions are those of children who don't know what they are talking about.

The system is being judged on its performance in that week. Your opinion is no more valid than anyone else's but since you are unable to show basic levels of respect you have no credibility at all.
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You mention "disappointing sales", but the reality is that sales are pretty solid. 400k is less than the Wii's launch, but still more than both the PS3 and Xbox360s launch week sales. Given the state of the economy and the higher price tag of the Wii-u compared to the Wii 400k is a very good number.

Of course launch week sales don't guarantee anything. In the end it's the games that determine whether or not a console will be a success or failure.

We will see how things play out over the next couple of years.
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at least someone with brain.

casual games are just not suitable for console anymore, face it, everyone in gaming business already accepted Smartphones and Pads have offer better than console.

Wii U is a bad joke and as I said before it won't last long, best until Orbis and Durango released, then Nintendo goes casual again, till crushed by smartphones and pads/tabs.