In my opinion, NOW is the time to buy older consoles and their games

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In a sense I will agree. I mean now with the wiiu out I assume most Wii titles will drop in price as with the system itself. Still though if you see it worth its always nice to get the new system as well just need to wait on the titles you want.
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PsienceWins posted...
To get back on topic, TC is kinda right. It's at this point that games should be looking back at the Wii to get some cheap games. Better than that, consumers aren't going to be looking at the Wii as much and you may be able to pick up a future rare gem. However, the time to really "build" your collection is not yet here. You will have to wait at least another year for that. Soon Wii games will go on sale at all major video game chains to make room for the increased Wii U used content. That's when you can really build your Wii collection. I've been doing it for a long time with the PS2. There is a store here that sells 4 PS2 games, no matter the game, for $10. Got a lot of great rare deals from this.

yep, that is why i have over 300 ps2 games, and i will be boosting my wii collection even more after this, i have 120 wii games already.
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i agree with the OP. i bought the 200 dollar ps3 on Black friday, got a bunch of great games for really, really cheap. i have so many good games, i dont even know what to play sometimes. #firstworldproblems. but it is a great idea to get them now.
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