Microsoft sold over 750K Xbox 360s last week, more than double Wii U sales

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Sales are on par with the Wii so far. Assume that The USA is 2/3 of the sales from North America. The Wii Sold 600k units in America, Canada, and Mexico on its first week. The Wii U sold 400k Units alone. If America is 2/3 of the launch buyers, then The Wii U is doing just as good.

Technically, if we use all of our data we know, and extrapolate a previous statement by Nintendo that they ramped up production so that they wouldnt have the same problem as the wii, to mean that they have actually produced more Wii Us than Wiis in this timeframe, then we can assume that less than 400k units were sold the first week for the wii.

Unless of course you want to argue that the Wii was not a console that sold well, in which case you are just trolling, and I know to put you on my ignore list.
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3DS outsells PS Vita 74 to 1.

Also you can't find Wii U's anywhere lol Silly troll I cast thee back under the bridge!
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the xbox 360 was selling for $150 in bundles and $99 with the xbox live deal.

$150 is half the cost of the basic wii u. 99 is 1/3.

also when you factor in the out of warranty failures that force people to rebuy an xbox.........

of course the xbox is still selling well.

its the same as when the ps2 was still outselling the new generation. cheap console, large library people eat it up.
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400k x 2 = <750k?
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750K is more than double of 400K?


Did TC even go to school?
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I think TC also once said that 25 - 46% is 12.

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I bought 3 360's on Black Friday for Christmas gifts. I couldn't find a Wii U for myself though :(