Should I buy Super Mario Bros. Wii U physically or digitally?

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Physical copies can break, too o.e . There's no way to transfer licensed data between Wii-U systems now, but I'm sure Nintendo will implement something in the future. The Wii-U was only released 10 days ago in the USA, geez. Granted, I'd still recommend a physical copy over a digital copy (Especially now) , TC.
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Kisai posted...
I got the Delxue Set, so I could get some points or whatever if I buy it off the store, but I'm a little wary of doing that considering it would be locked to the console, and if something happened to my console, I'd lose $60.

so you are aware of the console locking but you are still going to buy it i bet. :S
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Well since you're account is directly tied to the Wii U, so if it breaks you can't get your stuff back, physical is the only intelligent option
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physically since it willtake up to much save space on the wii u to download it
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message detail

P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted... can trade in a physical copy...

Why would you? I can't fathom people 'selling' copies to Gamestop for store credit, and for dimes to the dollar (Not exaggerating).

That was an assumption. They have not been the best place to trade for years. Some pawnshops that sell system games for more than Gamestop give more than twice as much. They sell Gamecube games for high prices. Some bookstore give more for trade than Gamestop.

Some stores will give full price on games as a return item. Store credit without a receipt.

Some accessory stuff that Gamestop gives zero trade in on. Gamestop said zero trade-in value on a Gamecube monitor and I took it back to the store I bought it at over a year and a half ago and got $100.00 return credit. It was on sale for $79.99 when I bought it from there. ; )

Yeah, I'm a Gamer and I only deal in hard copies. I don't want any game system online ever again. So it can be Totally owned by me Offline. Sony should have killed online Gaming with it update Ultimatum that snatched out the Other OS and Playstation 2 backwards compatibility. Saying they still won it also while it is online.

Yeah, that should have hurt online Gaming for Nintendo and Microsoft also.

Specially Nintendo that seem to follow in Sony's system owning footsteps.

I like long full story and character developed single player JRPGs the best anyway.

Oh and FYI JRPG Gamers bought more store bought Games than any other type of Gamer. More into Hero of games and tend to not steal games or movies.
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Bluelynx87 posted...
physically since it willtake up to much save space on the wii u to download it

External hard drive
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Bufkus posted...

If your console breaks, you don't lose ANYTHING that you purchased. Why do people still believe this troll lie? You just send the system back to Nintendo and you get everything back.

And then in 10 years Nintendo stops repairing Wii U consoles. Tough Luck.
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Bufkus posted...
I'm 100% digital right now. the only games I will ever buy physically are ones that will never be on the eshop (like Funky Barn).

I get that some people like trading in games they get tired of, but as a collector I would never do that. Plus I did it a long time ago when I was broke and you really get almost nothing for your games. It's really depressing trading in a $50 game you like for basically $5 or less. I even got rid of my entire LOST season 1 dvd set back when Gamestop was buying dvds and I got like $10 for it. Not worth it.

I know some people complain about accounts being tied to systems, but it's not a big deal for me. If my system gets stolen, I have house insurance. If my system dies, I just send it back to Nintendo. I'm not going to buy another one, that would be stupid.

You'll never see those games again if you count on your home insurance to cover your digital purchases. You would need a special rider, and I doubt anyone offers that service.

And it's not just trade ins you're losing (and resale on eBay, to friends, etc.). I don't know why GameStop became the de facto standard or the only quotable thing in resale.

You're giving a whole host of consumer rights by going digital. You can't rent, can't sell, can't trade, can't borrow, and can't own part of the product. Digital isn't about convenience; it's about control. It's so the media companies can sell you their product directly and have full control over what you do with it. That's restrictive.

People only seem to consider resale and not all of the other elements a physical copy brings with it. It's brilliant marketing on the part of media companies, and dangerous for the end user.

Ever read a story about someone being locked out of their content? What happens when you pass on? What happens to that content when servers no longer exist to authenticate it? What happens if you disagree with a policy change on the service? What if the company closes?

None of that is viable right now with physical console or home media.
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LordBowser posted...
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted... can trade in a physical copy...

Why would you? I can't fathom people 'selling' copies to Gamestop for store credit, and for dimes to the dollar (Not exaggerating).

I've only ever sold one game back, and it was to Funcoland at that. It was Excitebike 64, and it was not because I was bored of the game but it pissed me off so bad that I wanted to sell it because I hated it that much. Even then, I got a decent amount of money back on it.

If you even have the tiniest chance of ever playing a game again, or even mildly enjoy having the game in your library/collection, you shouldn't sell it, ever. I don't understand why people do this. You may as well throw/give them away.

Yes, because selling your games make absolutely no sense at all. God forbid when someone knows they are not going to play a game again, they turn around and sell it to make money to go towards anything else.
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wtf is wrong with this board? I actually see people defending digital outside of the PCH board.

Mind = Blown

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