Nintendo is Kratos as MS and Sony are titans. How Wii U will be fine this gen.

#21BufkusPosted 11/28/2012 11:52:45 AM(edited)
#1 reason Nintendo will probably outsell Sony and MS is the price.

If Sony and MS gimp the specs on their systems a bit (MS might be doing this already with the two announced system models) so that they can price competitively with Nintendo from the start, then Nintendo is in trouble.

People are forgetting that we're in a global recession, one that's not going to go away within the next 5-6 years, which is what the next generation will cover.

If anything, people are forgetting about the Ouya, which is the real dark horse. At $99 and with cheap $5 games that are still as fun as $60-$70 ones, plus unlimited indy dev potential, the system could easily take off and hit massive sales numbers. Really depends on how much marketing they do though.

The original Wii is still the market leader, but Wii and Wii U sales combined still didn't match Xbox 360 sales over the Black Friday weekend.

Comments like this are stupid. Wii U was essentially sold out and why would anyone buy a Wii when they already have one? Most of the people buying 360s are people who already own a Wii. A lot of those people might have already owned a 360 in the past and are just replacing a broken/lost system. There is more market for a 360 than a Wii for obvious reasons.