Finished NSMBu. How was this supposed to be like SMW ????!

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3 years ago#41
I agree with TC, but I think even with agreeing, we have different overall opinions. I agree with TC that, despite some similarities like adding a world map and baby Yoshi's, the game really doesn't feel any more like Mario World than it's predecessors. That in mind, I still really enjoyed the game and think it's probably the best in the NSMB series.

I was really hoping NSMBU would feel and play a lot more like Mario World, too, but it doesn't. It, like all of the NSMB games, borrows much more from Super Mario Bros. and SMB3 than anything else. The level design in Mario World is very very different than what you'd find in SMB, SMB3, or NSMB (DS). Everything felt... bigger.

I don't know why Nintendo refuses to use 50% of their Mario World enemies in canon Mario platformers. I miss Chargin' Chuck, Rex, and Rip Von Fish. The map is better this time since it's all connected, but it doesn't feel natural. It looks like they had 8 world maps and this time linked them together. The transitions are kind of crazy, like going from Acorn Plains to the Desert World.

So to summarize: Strongest NSMB game but still more like Mario 3 than anything else. It takes a few elements from Mario World, but they don't reflect the gameplay... which remains solid anyway.
3 years ago#42
SMW is so overhyped. SMB3 is so much better.
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3 years ago#43
ITT: I disagree with you so you're lying!

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