Fun fact, no one gave a damn about the speeds of the CPU and GPU before this.

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RetroFanGirl posted...
The average consumer doesn't care one bit.

Yes they do, they just don't care about it from a fanboy stand point. But they will buy a system if they think it's more powerful because there conditioned that bigger is better. The average consumer is smarter then you think.
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Kitt Thrust posted...
I guess you're to young to remember past system launches tc because people did care. It's been like this since the Atari versus Intellivision days.

No it wasn't silly.
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To a degree, there was a lot of mentioning of numbers before things were broken up to CPU and GPU. Anybody remember the Bit wars? If you got more Bits, you were better. So much that a number of companies would even put the number of bits in the title of their console. Nintendo 64 being the last one to do so.
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TC, you have no clue. Every freaking topic on this board was filled with braindead Nintendo fanboys insisting that Wii U would be a powerhouse.

Over and over, in every single thread, we had geniuses like darkjedilink and Tottentanz claiming that Wii U would be able to run ports of PS3/360 games at 1080p 60 FPS. They said the power difference between Wii U and PS4/Xbox 720 would be far less than Wii-> 360/PS3. They said it would be prohibitively expensive for MS and Sony to make something more powerful than Wii U.

Even when screenshots/videos showed nothing better than current-gen (and sometimes not even as good), when Nintendo used PS3 footage at E3, when Shigeru Miyamoto himself said straight up that Wii U wouldn't dramatically outperform PS3/360, these fanboys STILL KEPT LYING. Over and over and over.

So, what can I say? You fanboys made your bed, now you get to lie in it. You made it your mission to shout down any attempt at honest discussion. Don't get mad when the people you tried to silence come back and say "I told you so".
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The_King82 posted...
Yes they did.

Yeah they did...
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No one cared about the CPU and GPU speeds until they put on the mask.
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To be honest the average person still doesn't give a damn about the speeds of CPU and GPU.

Most people care about whether a system has good games or not.
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I'll just leave this here.
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It's funny thou how all the Nintendo fanboys were going on about how powerful it was going to be now that they know it's not super powerful it's just like the wii days... No no its all about gameplay not graphics, fanboys are worse the trolls.
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They absolutely argued about this before U. Have you never been to the PS3 board?, or seen people troll on 360's forum?
PS3 had a lackluster launch and hardware in some respects so there was an ass-ton of reassurance topics on the PS3 board along with 360 owners trolling them.
Now it was U's turn, with their lackluster launch.