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Is there anyone born in the 70s that still supports Nintendo?
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SolomonBenDavid431/27 2:11PM
Get this. At one point, people actually thought Destiny could outdo Smash Bros.
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ponyseizures401/27 1:55PM
Nintendo franchise with best music? (Poll)jpng1591/27 1:53PM
What gaming system do you spend the most time playing on?SolomonBenDavid61/27 1:44PM
Nintendo tops big publisher chart on Metacritic for 2014
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kdognumba1191/27 1:37PM
Am I the only one who likes Skyward Sword?
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TwiStedxMind721/27 1:20PM
How much would you sell this for?DC_P101/27 1:04PM
Dying Light is the 1st game that I've said 'wow this can't be done on the Wii U'
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BaronVladz201/27 12:59PM
I knew nothing good would come from Sonic Boom.MrMegavolt41/27 12:48PM
We had 1 good main series Mario game three and two gens ago each, 3 last gen, so
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MarioGamer12345161/27 12:38PM
Wii U games with cute Atheist girls?HeroC114101/27 12:37PM
How many unknown games do U think nintendo will release this year?
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ponylord211/27 12:36PM
Considering the success of DKCR and DK:TF, does Nintendo have anyOmniphagos61/27 12:18PM
PSA: Metroid Prime Trilogy WC24 unlockablesMario maniac61/27 12:11PM
Highrule Warriors has shipped one million copies!
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pikachupwnage321/27 12:10PM
Do UK Nintendo fans just order off of Amazon nowadays?
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Chenmaster2161/27 11:42AM
So since the Gamepad acts as a classic controller for Wii games using it...Luke_the_Duke1571/27 11:37AM
What U game should I play tonightponystation421/27 11:34AM
I'm glad of all the games I've played in the pastdarkljolly11/27 11:26AM
Mutant Mudds Super Challenge Hitting Wii U and 3DSTheZuperHero41/27 11:17AM