Name one specific thing you want Nintendo to do during Wii U life cycle.

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3 years ago#71
sockesocke posted...
remove region lock.
3 years ago#72
A new starfox and kid Icarus
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3 years ago#73
A three dimensional Kirby platformer. Or Kirby Air Ride 2. In fact, if KAR2 and SSB4 were the only 2 games to come out for the system, I'd buy it tomorrow.
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3 years ago#74
BikeaLoss posted...
sockesocke posted...
remove region lock.

actually most games (at least on other consoles i unno about Wii/Wii U) dont have region lock on them, just if you get it from another region you have to get any DLC from another region. I've had to do this lots of times with imports lol
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3 years ago#75
A Kirby game that combines the maze layout of Amazing Mirror with the multiplayer and powers of Return to Dreamland.
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3 years ago#76
F zero F Zerroooo
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3 years ago#77
banzaiheil posted...
Put Miyamoto on an ice floe and say farewell.
3 years ago#78
ZodiacKillerJr posted...
Better Online, Better Friends system, Less childish games, less Party games.




AS they put in one of their E3 Conferance "DEEPER" Game play, all I have see with the Wii U is "WIDER" game play... f**** the Masses. Nintendo gain your REAL fan base back! I'm sick of ALL their games pandering to children....

This. The amount of bull**** shovelware released for the Wii was all too reminiscent of the viscera that almost drowned the video game market in the 80's. Nintendo needs to monitor the quality of third-party game like they did in the past, so this cancerous stuff won't infect the Wii U.

A darker Zelda game (that actually has difficulty and doesn't hold your hand) would be great to see, and more than one in the life cycle.

Its about time they made another old-school Star Fox game as well, it seems Nintendo really doesn't care about it though, unfortunately. Its a franchise with potential, and if they gave it just a fraction of the pampering they give to Mario, we'd have an excellent title on our hands.
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3 years ago#79
2 words Star Fox! Come on Nintendo show the Fox some love!
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3 years ago#80
New Star Fox, F Zero, new Earthbound game, Myamoto hooking up with SE and making a 3D TRUE Super Mario RPG 2 would be awesome but I'm prolly just chasing dreams on that last one lol
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