ZombiU: Why I ignored negative reviews

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ZombiU: Why I ignored negative reviews < I have a mind of my own :)
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TrueBlue91 posted...
DarkAdonis123 posted...
TrueBlue91 posted...
Sonic 06 is actually really good, but stupid critics were expecting a Mario game. They just suck at high speed platformers.

No Sonic 06 really wasn't. And I'm one of the biggest Sonic fanboys there is. They weren't expecting a Mario game. They were expecting a finished game.

Lol... You do realize it was a joke post?

I got baited lol
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I think I'll just ignore that article instead, because that will save me money.
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Gamefaqs: Why i ignored this thread
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AndehPandy posted...
Gamefaqs: Why i ignored this thread

I don't think you quite understand what that word means.
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Sailor Goon posted...
Most of the negativity revolves around people who suck at the game whining its not a run and gun shooter.

Basically it has Resident Evil syndrome.
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Luthor_ posted...
7.5 doesn't mean bad, IMO.

But I think ZombiU skated by on pity points. If you read some of the reviews you know what I mean.

And besides, lol@Nintendrones using Metacritic as a source when they used to trash reviewers that rated PS360 exclusive well.
Flippity flop flop flip.

You don't even need to 'imo' it, a 7.5/10 is a good score and that's simply a fact, based on every review criteria out there. It may not be a run right out and drop $60 score but there is no bloody way in hell that a 7.5 is a **** score despite attempts to spin it as such.
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it seems like miiverse people are loving it so far.
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Luthor_ posted...
darkjedilink posted...
Luthor_ posted...
Bad game is bad.

There is just nothing to compare it to from Nintendo so people just assume its good.

Bad games don't get a 75 metacritic from 30+ official reviewers, with a 7.5 user score.

As was posted earlier, it's by no means the best game ever, but it isn't a bad game at all.

Its bad.

...your opinion. Please refrain from spouting that as fact.
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