How many controllers can this thing use at a time?

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Hey at least I know what I'm talking about.
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So which is it, fellas? Five controllers, or eight?
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From: 3khc | #012
So which is it, fellas? Five controllers, or eight?

5 Currently, (1 GamePad + 4 Wiimote/CC); 6 when extra game pads are released. (2 GamePads + 4Wiimote/CCs)
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Also in a tweet from Nintendo Japan, having 2 controllers will reduce the resolution of the output on the T.V screen to 720p 30fps, regardless of game.

Up to 4 Wii Remote (or Wii Motion Plus) controllers can be connected at once.

and if you want another Tablet controller

replacement GamePads can be bought directly from Nintendo's customer service for US $140.

Source all I pasted

so it seems 4 controllers and 2 tablet controllers

not sure if you can have all connected at once, doesn't say
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He's not wrong with 8 player on the Wii. Bomberman Land from Wiiware. 4 wii controllers, 4 GC controllers
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About five, and I assume it allows the use of two GamePads at once (but no games have been released so far that supports this).
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#17PedroMontanaPosted 12/4/2012 3:38:36 AM
It CAN use up to 6 controllers, (4 Wii remotes/Pro Controllers, 2 GamePads).
Currently, there are no six player games, so Nintendo doesn't sell separate GamePads.

The great thing is that because the GamePads come with their own screens, not only single screen games like Bomberman or team sports games (Madden, Fifa, NBA...) can be played with more then 4 players.

The Wii U finally allows to have more then 4 players in games that rely on splitscreen. For example, Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed is the first 3d racing game that supports 5 players with just one TV/console.

I'm sure we'll soon see more 5 and 6 player games in genres that were previously stuck with four players because of splitscreen.
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