So Xbox 720 6x as powerful as Wii U plus cost 2x plus as much as Wii U?

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I was successful.

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knightimex posted...
Wouldn't that mean Xbox 720 will be stuck on another 10 year cycle only to get outdated by the next Nintendo console 5 years from now?

I don't know how Wii U can compete with $599.99.+


With the Xbox8 they might get their losses back quicker with the people duped into buying tablets with Windows8 on board in order to get full function out of their systems. They might also get more funds out of consumers through their restricted applications/games that have to be Microsoft approved to run on their systems.

It might just be the power of the system that will keep it around for 10 years and not the money they will lose on it for the first few years. Microsoft might have seen a profit on their console years ago if it were not for the red ring of death, but they might also be behind the PS3 in sales as well if it were not for loyal fans replacing systems or buying the newer ones that do not melt down like the original run.

I just pity the people duped into buying their system because of Halo4 when they are supposedly launching their next system in 10 months.