Wii U is what the Wii should have been at launch back in 2005

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If the Wii U had launched in place of the Wii, Nintendo would have sold the most consoles and deserved to. We also wouldn't have the lame Move or Kinect...

Move and Kinect were in the works before the Wii, so we would still have them/

Move and Kinect are better technology than the awful Wiimote anyway.

What are you talking about? Kinect is junk, it can't track worth crap. I was playing wipe out 3 and i would take a few steps and my avatar would run across the screen and not stop. And don't even get me started with ghost recon. The only game I have played where it actually did something right was forza 4 with the head tracking and even that was a joke because you would move your head and you wouldn't be looking at the screen anymore.

And it wasn't because of my living room size either.
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I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, but then the PS1 came out and I learned that Nintendo isn't the only great company that can make games.

Except there were no great games on the PS1, they all went to the Saturn.

No great games? Do you live in some parallel universe where games like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Mega Man X4, R-Type Delta, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night never happened?
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If the Wii U had come out in 2005 you could have been trolling this board for seven years already. Maybe you would finally be getting tired of it.
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I agree OP. I hate the wii U Controller/screen, so pointless.

How can you play Golf/tennis with that thing? Oh thats right, you cant! You would need to use a Wii controller. Just proves my point.

Wii U is so bad, I really don't know what to think of Nintendo anymore.

They let down one 20+ year fanboy.

how do u play golf or tennis, u dont they suck like u do.so go and give wario a penguin.
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Wii didn't launch in 2005, it was '06.
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Didn't Wii launch in 2006?
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If that were the case, since the U is stronger, than it would cost 1000 dollars.
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How's your Wii U doing, dunwitch?
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I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, but then the PS1 came out and I learned that Nintendo isn't the only great company that can make games.

Sony was cool until the day PS2 died. PS3 is an overated console for its grapichs, tough it's overpriced and its exclusives aren't as good and vivid as the MS/Nintendo ones.
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