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User Info: sloth927

4 years ago#11
if you want it now and dont care about nintendoland or color you could just grab the basic and a 50 dollar external hardrive that way you would have more space then the deluxe.
Wii U ID: Fire_Chomp

User Info: NarutoTaio

4 years ago#12
SirPierce posted...
The Deluxe for sure. Even if you don't like Nintendo Land (I thought it was fun until I got other games)...the fact still remains that for $50 more, you get a $60 game, the stands for the console which free up some space, the charging cradle (which I always use), the points and of course the best color (personal opinion. I love black. My TV, Laptop, Desktop, Wii U, Cable Box, iPhone, PS3 and 3DS are all black. Lol). The extra memory is also nice until you can get a hold of a HDD (unless you already have one).

Nintendo Land might cost $60 separately, but is it worth the $60? Or is it just a selling point to make people get the deluxe edition?

User Info: ElectricMole

4 years ago#13
Deluxe is a better value. the charger stand alone is something nintendo would charge $20 for and the game is retailed at $60.
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