how good do games play off of an external HDD?

#11Solid LinkPosted 12/4/2012 7:13:08 PM
Chargrilled posted...
Flash memory in the wii u is sloooooooow. 1hr or so to install a 5gb+ game. Very poor.

Definitely download to hard drive, installs are faster.

And yet the 5 GB system update installed (not downloaded) in maybe 10 minutes, at least for me?

I think you're confusing the install part with the download part. Since you can't install games off of disc (which needs to be fixed, although this was patched into Xbox 360 later on, so, yeah), it has to download to install a game... and downloading is definitely slow. Even if you have a fast connection, downloading is slow because the servers are surely packed 24/7 right now. But the install part ought to be relatively fast... I'm fairly sure the only reason 1 hour install times exist on the 360 is because it's reading from the disc, which is slower than reading from a hard drive, as is the case on Wii U.
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