Am I the only one that absolutely DESPISES Skyward Sword?

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3 years ago#21
I loved Skyward Sword.

SS = TP > WW >>> OoT >> MM
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3 years ago#22
Ritster21 posted...
Zelda Cycle.
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3 years ago#23
abbyhitter posted...
I loved Skyward Sword.

SS = TP > WW >>> OoT >> MM

...That...that is umm...that is honestly the worst ranking I have ever seen for Zelda games.
Just because SS and TP are the best make it the worst.
3 years ago#24
abbyhitter posted...
SS = TP < WW <<< OoT << MM < ALttP

3 years ago#25
I had a lot of fun with Skyward Sword. It did feel like parts of it were missing or could have used more refinement, but it was still very enjoyable, and has me eager to see what Skyward Sword elements make it into the next Zelda game, and how they improve upon them.
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3 years ago#26

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3 years ago#28
The controls are a bit flaky sometimes, but I don't personally see how somebody could despise it - some of the backtracking can be annoying, but it's a good game (I think it's fantastic, but my point is it's at least a decent game, certainly not something to despise). If you absolutely hate, and are completely unwilling to get the hang of the controls, I can see you despising it, but they're really not that difficult to acclimate yourself to.

*EDIT* - On second thought I do despise that one boss with the stomping feet and their ridiculously narrow margin for action/wide AOE
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3 years ago#29
I went in with very high expectations, and SS exceeded them. I love how everything in that game requires some skill: from the combat to just navigating the environments. You're almost never just waiting for something to happen, or to get somewhere (bird flying aside).
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3 years ago#30
I wasn't a fan of skyward sword for the following reasons.

1) motion controls. To me, I just felt awkward playing the games and I much prefer traditional controls any day.

2) lack of an overworld. The game just felt like one level after another with the same themes repeating over and over. I didn't feel the sense of explorations than I had in other Zelda games

3) Fighting the same bosses over and over and over and over.....

4) way too easy. The games was a cake walk, way too much hand holding, and simple puzzles

The game wasn't all bad. I liked the story and the narrative, and quite liked the graphic style, but ultimately the gameplay itself just didn't sit right with me.

For some context, here is my Zelda preference: (excluding handheld)

ALttP > MM > OoT = WW > TP > SW

TP and SS are the only two I felt a bit disappointed in .. The rest are grand

All in all, just my opinion
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