The one complaint about games/Nintendo consoles I can't STAND:

#1Bigmac909Posted 12/4/2012 5:00:13 PM
Is that using the accessories (Gamepad, Wiimote) prevents anyone from being immersed in the game. They said it about Skyward Sword, and I just read a review about Arkham City Armored Edition that said the same thing.

How badly must you have A.D.D. if your awareness while playing a game is CONSTANTLY shifting between reality and fiction?! I have diagnosed attention problems, and not once while playing Skyward Sword was I presented with the "startling" realization that I wasn't actually in the game. After the first 20 or so minutes of swordplay/combat, the fact that I was swinging a Wiimote instead of pushing buttons on a controller never crossed my mind.

It's absolutely ridiculous, and we as gamers shouldn't stand for it. If a reviewer says that they didn't feel immersed enough, that basically means that they were constantly looking at the controllers searching for buttons. THAT means that they're either extremely slow learners, that they're WAY too narrow minded, or, the most likely culprit: THEY DIDN'T PLAY THE GAME LONG ENOUGH TO GET THE CONTROLS DOWN.

/rant... for now.
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I've never heard that complaint. But I guess I don't really read many reviews.