What Wii gem do you want a sequel on the Wii U?

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3 years ago#51
What insane person voted Conduit 2?!
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3 years ago#52
Excite Truck, that game was loads of fun! A new game with a bigger track selection and online mode would be awesome. Oh and it's gotta keep the custom music option!
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3 years ago#53
Xenoblade Chronicles, or at least another Monolith Soft game of the same caliber.
3 years ago#54
Xenoblade was the best console game of this generation, anxiously awaiting the next 13 sequels.
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3 years ago#55
ADHDguitar posted...

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3 years ago#56
MillionGunmannn posted...

I want more Spyborgs and Deadly Creatures, though I'd like it more if they were multiplatform than exclusive to a console I don't want.
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3 years ago#57
Little King's Story. A proper sequel. Not the glorified port on the Vita (it's like saying Arkham City on the Wii U is Arkham City 2)
3 years ago#58
Boy and his blob in the reboot style, but with NES difficulty

If I can have more:

Trauma center / Team
Okami, the gamepad is MADE for drawing stuff
Batallion wars, switching to other units would be great to do on the touchpad, and giving orders by using the mic...
Cursed Mountain
Deadly creatures
Disaster: Day of Crisis
Punch out using motion control to evade, and analogue sticks to punch (maybe as Nintendoland DLC or Downloadable game)
DKC returns 2
Endless Ocean
Lost Winds
No more heroes (but I would prefer Killer 7, scanning for invisible clowns using the gamepad would be cool)
Secret files, or any adventure game that uses the touch screen instead of a mouse, would be nice to play, too.
Another hand-drawn warioland
Also, a direct world of goo sequel
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3 years ago#59
YoyokuKO posted...
where the **** is Fragile you internet person with negative attraction?

That game was pretty bad. So many fetch quests and large sections of doing nothing but walking. The combat was really clunky too. The story was rather interesting and the tone was great, however the main villain somewhat spoilt the whole thing by being cheesy and unoriginal. I would have rather they didn't explicitly explain the events of what happened, and left it to the player's imagination instead.
3 years ago#60
I'd like to see a sequel of Xenoblade Chronicles - That Game was just filled with awesomeness!
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