What Wii gem do you want a sequel on the Wii U?

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3 years ago#61
Damn, tough call between MadWorld and Red Steel 2. Both highly underrated gems that (as far as I know) sold very poorly, despite everyone's constant whining about a lack of "hardcore" games on the Wii. A real shame too, since both games were pretty good. Especially sad about RS2, since most people probably avoided it simply because of the name (even though the original wasn't that bad either).

Anyway, enough rambling. I think I'll side with MadWorld on this one. I had a lot of fun with it back when I first got it. Assuming a sequel has a bigger budget for more stages, kills, and commentary, I'd gladly fork over $50 for it. Or is it $60 now? Either way, I'd pay.
3 years ago#62
Hmm, I don't see Zack & Wiki anywhere. =/
Go where the games are...
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3 years ago#63
Zack and Wiki and Little King's Story.
Both utterly brilliant games, that should surely become a series.
3 years ago#64
Sin & Punishment is the most important to me, but i also want sequels to Muramasa, NMH, MadWorld, Fatal Frame, Little King's Story, Opoona, Zack & Wiki and Fragile.
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3 years ago#66
Xenoblade Chronicles , because it's the best rpg of the past 8 years but i'd very much prefer they make its sequel for orbis(ps4) or the next xbox.

And a sequel to Okami could be great as well , but again i'd prefer they make it for actual next gen consoles. Not to mention that the wii version can't hold a candle to Okami HD anyway.
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3 years ago#67
Other: New Zelda Game
3 years ago#68
Xenoblade Chronicles...

and Arc Rise Fantasia's a rock, not a gem...
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3 years ago#69
A Boy and His Blob
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3 years ago#70
Hail Monster Hunter Franchise! Hail One Piece!
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