Anyway to get a game out of Bricked Wii U???

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With a hammer.
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Step 1: Build time machine
Step 2: Revert time to before you were dumb and cut the power during the update
Step 3. Remove said disk
Step 4: Give yourself a pat on the back for doing it right this time.
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#5ChrisTheHeroPosted 12/5/2012 8:16:24 AM

Plug console in and power it on
Leave it about an hour and a half to let it do a recovery (because they do with a black screen)
Remove disk from recovered WiiU

(it happened to a guy on my friendlist, it "bricked" first call to nintendo and the guy said it was bricked, second call told him to do the above, then when he came back, working wiiU)
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Bongbuddy posted...
With a hammer.

Wrong!! Sledgehammer is faster:)
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From: b1gt0ne | #006
Bongbuddy posted...
With a hammer.

Wrong!! Sledgehammer is faster:)

Nope, you're doing it all wrong. Use 2 sledgehammers, one for you and one for a friend. REAL LIFE MULTIPLAYER!!
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Shake it like a crying baby?
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