Fire sale on used Wii-U. Being sold on ebay for $120 used

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You may have noticed how tons of Wii U listings on Ebay are not selling worth a damn. Although there was one that sold for 559.99 earlier today in completed....just.....they found someone who is oblivious is all I can say about that.

But, generally, they either do not sell, or sell for basically cost if you bought them in store. These things are not in any great demand, and considering it's 20 days until christmas, if they were, they'd be selling like freaking hot cakes.

I especially laugh at the people pricing them at a grand, over and over again on there.
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dart246 posted...
9inchesDeep posted...

Nintendo can't make hardware.

Even brand new ones are selling for less than retail on ebay.

TC have a vesectomy.

1.) It's obvious that this is a scam, the item is misleading as being a Wii U, when the final description doesn't even describe it as so.

2.) All the feedback he has is less than a week old and for items under $4 total in order to gain positive feedback.

3.) Learn some ****ing economics to understand, supply, demand, profit, dead loss, surplus, and shortage.


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LOL,there is even a spellcheck,pot calling kettle.....
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Seller is in Canada.

$10 says he's trying to sell a Wii Slim as a used Wii U.
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